Comprehensive Letters of Recommendation From U.S. Doctors Are Instrumental in Landing a Residency Interview

May 14, 2020

According to the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), “strong, comprehensive letters of recommendation (LoRs) can provide you with an extra edge when competing for a U.S. residency position.” As you know, residency programs have a very limited number of interview slots, for the thousands of applications they received each Fall. Let MPA help you achieve solid LoRs from board certified U.S. doctors, so that you can pass the initial screening and land an interview. Promising candidates will demonstrate U.S. clinical experience, proving to residency directors and boards that they are capable of performing in the U.S. clinical settings.

You’ve worked extremely hard to get this far, and we are confident you will make it. MPA is here to help guide you, place you in solid hands-on rotations, where you will gain the experience and the LoRs needed to successfully compete in the match process. You are a lot closer than you think; let’s give it one more push together.

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