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Why do I need a hands-on rotation?

Hands-on clinical experience is key in becoming a well versed physician. Residency programs seek candidates with the experience of conducting a physical exam, writing proper patient notes and being an assistant to the attending across specialties. Hands-on clinical rotations help students build confidence and communication skills with colleagues and patients. Further, it’s an opportunity to network in the US medical community and introduce yourself to potential residency directors.

Which core rotations and elective rotations are available?

We offer all core rotations: Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, ObGyn and Psychiatry. We also offer all elective rotations. Simply put, email us and we will be happy to place you in your desired rotation.

Will I have a competitive residency application?

At MPA, our goal is to help you become a competitive residency applicant. For this reason, we are affiliated with board-certified physicians who are truly committed to teaching. The responsibilities of being a competitive residency applicant are also dependent on the students enthusiasm, knowledge and willingness to learn. We have learned that students who display compassion and a genuine interest in medicine, tend to perform well in the residency match process. Our Residency Support Program is created solely to help you during the residency application process.

Will all my rotations be in the same location?

A great majority of clinical rotations take place in the same hospital and affiliated clinics. If opportunities present themselves across other hospital and clinic locations, we will offer them to students.

How does malpractice insurance help me as a student?

Participation in hands-on clinical rotations is the greatest way to competitively seek a residency interview. The US medical community requires all students and medical staff to carry malpractice insurance as protection. For a small cost, this can save your career and give you the comfort of focusing on patient care and learning.

How much should I be spending?

Residency programs seek applicants with hands-on clinical experience. MPA offers the most competitive prices for rotations that not only make you an excellent physician in training, but also generates the strong letters of recommendations needed for a competitive residency match. Our clinical rotations are solid and never observation only.

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