How We Work

MPA has a straightforward approach to supporting universities secure US Clinical Clerkships. We have experience placing students and expertise in managing transparent lasting relationships with our parters.

Affiliate With MPA

Sign a non-binding agreement with MPA. There is no fee for affiliation. This agreement allows MPA to open your hospital system up to students from our high caliber partner medical schools.

At this time, our team gets to know your health system and becomes experts on your hospital's needs, such as organizational culture, schedules and credentialing process.

We will also establish relationships with your affiliated clinics and physicians to learn how we can add value to them through clinical clerkships. Interested clinics and attending physicians will be provided all necessary information and be in direct contact with our team as placements begin.

There is never a threshold of students that have to be placed within your hospital. We are confident your attending physicians will have a great experience - and their word of mouth speaks for itself.

University Affiliations

Some of the best medical schools require a direct affiliation with hospital system(s) or providers. MPA facilitate this for your hospital so your executive team and staff does not have to be burdened with additional administrative matters. There is no fee for our assistance in direct affiliation.

MPA Supports Credentialing

MPA collects and processes all required documents for students so that they are efficiently and seamlessly incorporated into your hospital. We use your hospital's specific requirements and checklists, and any additional requirements from specific clinics or attending physicians. credentialing. We place the students with exceptional providers that use your curriculum and learning objectives. Students are provided an onsite Orientation and badge

In addition, MPA provides students an onsite orientation that provides administrative and practical information to aid the students as they begin.

Students Begin

We handle the logistics of placing students with individual attending physicians. This includes an orientation, support throughout their clinical clerkship and evaluations. If required, MPA will assist in the mediation of any issue or complaint by an attending physician or involving a Student.