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We Support Your Students

MPA places medical students for clerkships in hospitals with ACGME accredited residencies across the United States to provide them exceptional hands on clinical clerkships. Through our support, your students will have the experience and resources to match into residency and become practicing physicians.

We offer Clinical Clerkships across the United States

Medical Placement Association is proud to have the ability to place medical students and throughout the country. We are continually expanding our avaiable placements.

  • Arizona
  • Florida
  • Louisiana
  • Nevada
  • Texas

Medical School Support

In addition to the resources and opportunities we provide your students, MPA prioritizes supporting Medical School staff to alleviate stress and administrative burdens. We help your university shine through our unique approach to being your clinical clerkship partner.

Clinical Coordinator Support

Our staff provides extensive support to Medical Schools, especially their valued Clinical Coordinators, to ease their stress and administrative burden. We assist your team from placement to hospital credentialing and evaluations.

Direct Hospital Affiliations

MPA understands many Medical Schools need direct affiliation with hospitals with ACGME accredited residencies. We facilitate hospital affiliations that fit our partner Medical School's needs.

Consistent Location

MPA can provide all Core Clinical Clerkships in the same US city, as well as an expansive list of Electives to choose from. This allows students to spend more time studying and less time and money moving from city to city.


MPA provides your Medical School's evaluations based on your procedure and standards. The timely return of evaluations can be hard copy, digital, fax or otherwise. MPA also maintains copy of evaluations on behalf of students for the appropriate amount of time required for future licensing.

Getting Started

MPA knows students starting their Clinical Clerkships on the right foot is essential for their success. We provide visa assistance, housing guides, transportation information as well as numerous other relocation resources to students long before they begin their rotations.

We Facilitate Your Curriculum

MPA provides your Medical School curriculum and key learning objectives to Attending Physicians. In addition, MPA adheres to your university's Clinical Clerkship calendar and scheduling requirements. We value each Medical School's autonomy and unique approach to education.

Non-binding Agreements

Our agreements with Medical Schools are non-binding; there is never a threshold of enrolled studnents that has to be met.


MPA provides an onsite orientation for all Core Program Students at the beginning of their Clinical Clerkship experience. This approach eases nerves and welcomes students to their clinical experience.

Student Support

Clinical Clerkships can be challenging. Our team is available 24/7 to help and mentor your students during and after their clinical education experience.

How We Work

MPA has a straightforward approach to supporting universities secure US Clinical Clerkships. We have experience placing students and expertise in managing transparent lasting relationships with our parters.

Affiliate With MPA

Sign a non-binding agreement with MPA. There is no fee for affiliation. This agreement allows MPA to represent your Medical School to and provide introductions to our network of Hospital Systems and Clinics.

During the affiliation process, our team gets to know your school and becomes experts on your school’s specific needs, such as rotation schedules, curriculum, learning objectives, hospital affiliations and adjunct professorships. At this time, compensation, including whether to be paid by the University or the Student, will be firmly established.

We understand there many options for Clinical Clerkships. There is never a threshold of students that have to be placed in our program. We are confident your students have a great experience - and their word of mouth speaks for itself.

Direct Hospital Affiliation

Some Medical Schools require a direct affiliation with hospital system(s) or providers. MPA can facilitate this for your school. MPA works with a variety of hospitals and clinics including hospitals with ACGME accredited residencies. There is no fee for our assistance in direct affiliation.

Send Your Students

We can work directly with your students or your Clinical Coordinator to onboard students and place them in their Clinical Clerkships. MPA collects and processes all required documents for hospital and clinic credentialing. We place the students with exceptional providers that use your curriculum and learning objectives. Students are provided an onsite Orientation, badge and any other requisite credentials.

If necessary, MPA can also be enlisted to assist with visas, immunizations, background checks, malpractice insurance coverage, health insurance, or any other requirement.

Ongoing Communication

We facilitate and support all ongoing communication with hospital systems and clinics. MPA will save your staff time and energy through the organization of site visits as well as introductions to key hospital staff and attending physicians. If required, MPA will assist in the mediation of any issue or complaint by the Medical School or involving a Student.

Receive Evaluations

We seamlessly provide completed evaluations for each Clinical Clerkship rotation in a timely manner. Evaluations are completed by Attending Physicians, and when necessary also signed by the Director of Graduate Education or equivalent position. Evaluations can be transmitted however is most confident for you, including hard-copy, facsimile, digital or otherwise. MPA keeps all evaluations for as long as necessary to ensure proper licensing for all students.

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