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Medical Placement Association (MPA) provides a comprehensive, full service turnkey program to support the current production guidelines, as provided by the DGA, SAG-AFTRA, IATSE and Teamsters’ Committees, on health and safety standards for COVID-19 compliant film and television production. MPA’s comprehensive program mitigates liability as well as the uncertainty and added cost of piecemealing these vital, complicated and complex health and safety procedures for the industry. MPA’s program reduces the risk of inconsistent implementation of these critical health and safety requirements, which would shutdown productions costing time and money.

Medical Placement Association (MPA) can provide Health and Safety Unit services to a production anywhere in the world:

  • ASIA

Film and TV Support

MPA’s goal is to allow production to continue as normally as possible while the details of safety and compliance, as well as evolving best practices, are handled by our expert teams.


On-site testing: 3x a week for each cast and crew member for the length and run of production

- NP Swab


- GeneXpert

- All new cutting-edge technology that arises

Laboratory Processing 

- Outside local laboratory with 24 HR turnaround

- Or a mobile lab on site for same-day rapid testing turnaround

Concierge Testing and COVID-19 Safety Training for Above the Line Talent

Health Safety Supervisor (HSS)

Certification in Infection Prevention and Control (CIC) certified 

- Registered Nurse

- Nurse Practitioner

- Physician's Assistant


- MD credentialed with clinical infectious disease experience

Testing & Logistics Personnel (TLP)

Trained medical professionals to work under the HSS

- Registered Nurses

- MD graduates not yet in residency


- Paramedics

Provide adequate back-up personnel for continued smooth operations should there be exposure

Equipment and Logistics

Constantly evolving technological upkeep

- Implementation of current recommended protocol and up to date knowledge of evolving best practices and guidelines 

- UV Sterilization Units

Local Coordination

- Ensure compliance with local regulations

- If needed, liaise with local health officials 

- If needed, coordinate with local medical providers for transportation or treatment for elevated care

Team of Top Experts

MPA’s program is a comprehensive system, developed by our team of highly respected health and safety experts, which includes comprehensive policies and procedures, designed to affirm compliance with the new health and safety requirements.

Our goal is to efficiently help firms mitigate risks that jeopardize a production from legal, regulatory and human capital risks. The goal is to enable production to continue as normally as possible while efficiently facilitating and documenting compliance with complying best practices for mitigating health and safety exposure designed to protect our most valuable assets, the Human Capital team.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

We supply all that is needed for both the medical personnel plus cast and crew needs. Daily multiple supplies of

- N95 face masks

- Gloves

- Goggles

- Face shields

Hazardous Materials Disposal

- After each usage PPE needs to be disposed of in special hazardous waste removal processes

Contact Tracing and outbreak control

Should the worst case scenario occur we can trace and track infections to isolate them quickly with the least amount of burden to the production

- Specialized apps

- Facial image recognition tracing systems

- Wristband monitoring systems

Training Programs

Safety Courses: customized COVID-19 on-site training individualized to each department in the production to meet a production’s specific needs and concerns

- ZONE A (Requirements and execution protocols)  

- ZONE B (Requirements and execution protocols)  

- ZONE C (Requirements and execution protocols)

Reduce Impact / Charitable Outreach

MPA can provide medical personnel to film/television productions in order to comply with new COVID-19 Health and Safety Standards, without unnecessarily pulling crucial staff from overburdened hospitals

Charitable Component: MPA will coordinate the donation of all excess PPE and Testing Kits to a local charitable facility in need of the Production’s Choice.

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