Hospital Partnerships

The inclusion of student doctors benefits both your professionals and the community your health system serves. MPA creates a clear path to obtain high caliber medical students for clinical clerkships in your hospital system. Here are just a few ways our students add value.

A resource for finding future physicians

Medical Placement Association offers a hassle-free connection between universities and attending physicians. This allows your institution an additional opportunity to highlight yourself as a future employer and increase your Residency Program's visibility and prestige.


Our high-caliber medical students come from a wide range of backgrounds. They will enhance your team through gender, ethnicity and nationality diversity. Not only does this make your hospital stronger, it also helps attract and keep a more diverse patient community.

In addition to diversity, our students have proficiency in languages ranging from Arabic to Zazaki. Attracting potential Residents and future Physicians with language skills adds exceptional value.

Perks For Your Physicians

We are focused on making your Clinical Clerkship program rewarding, not only for the Hospital, but also for providers and staff. MPA provides a variety of support and benefits to your inpatient physicians as well as outpatient clinics.

Financial Compensation

Affording tomorrow's physicians an opportunity to continue their education in a clinical setting is incredibly important and our university partners value your team's guidance. As such, competitive compensation for providing Clinical Clerkship rotations is provided. This can be allocated internally within the hospital system or provided directly to the Attending Physician or Clinic.

Adjunct Professorship

Attending Physicians affiliated with your hospital system are eligible to be considered for a variety of honors and higher education opportunities. Many MPA Preceptors are selected by prestigious universities around the world to become Adjunct Professors. These opportunities bolster team credentials as well as help recruit driven physicians.

Our Students

MPA provides the highest caliber students from across the globe.

Future Physicians

In the last several decades, the medical sector has dramatically changed. MPA students represent who the physicians of tomorrow will be: highly motivated, globally savvy and academically sound.

Clinical Clerkships allow your health system and physicians the opportunity to provide the experience that will lay the foundation for how these students will develop into physicians. This is a critical role.

Get The Right Students

Our students come from top-notch accredited medical schools in the United States and abroad. They have passed the USMLE and will become competitive residency candidates.

MPA ensures that students have all supporting credentials and documents to place them within your health system. This includes identification, emergency contacts, immunization and health records, controlled substance testing, background checks, health insurance, malpractice insurance, as well as any required visas if applicable.

Hospital Support

In addition to the resources and opportunities we provide your physicians, MPA prioritizes supporting our hospital partner's key executives and staff. We help your team successfully implement or expand your clinical clerkship program.

Non-binding Agreements

There is never a threshold of students your hospital system is required to host. We are confident that your physicians will be eager to participate on a continual basis.


MPA handles the preparation of all documents required for credentialing at your facilities. We pride ourselves on a hassle-free badging experience for our hospital partners.

Student Placement

The placement of students with inpatient physicians or outpatient clinics is handled by MPA. Our clinical clerkships add value to your health system rather than soak up precious time or resources from you staff.

Qualified Students

In addition to high academic and USMLE performance, your staff can rest assured that our students have all proper immunizations, health exams, drug testing, background checks and liability insurance.

Revenue Stream

Partner health systems benefit from compensation for badge processing and credentialing in addition to physician clinical clerkship honorariums.

How We Work

MPA has a straightforward approach to supporting hospitals create or expand clinical clerkships. We have experience placing students and expertise in managing transparent lasting relationships with our partners.

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